Friday, January 1, 2010

CardioTabs Omega 3 Fish Oils: Blue Ocean to the Green Economy

CardioTabs continues to update it’s products based upon the latest scientific evidence and what’s best for our environment. The use of marine-derived Omega 3 fatty acids as therapeutic agents have been well established for a wide-range of medical conditions. (Omega 3 fatty acids, are highly concentrated in the brain, eyes, nervous system and other vital organs.) Over the past several years there have been confusion as to which omega 3 fatty acid is most crucial for our health- Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) or Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Recent studies point to DHA as the number one Omega 3 fatty acid for cardiovascular health. In general, research has demonstrated EPA did not show significant effects on blood pressure reduction and heart rate. However, DHA demonstrated significant effects on enhancing dilation mechanisms through forearm circulation, lowering blood pressure, reduction of heart rate and further triglyceride (type of cholesterol) reduction. Not only is DHA showing superior benefits in the heart health arena but also for overall human health. Recent literature suggests DHA’s health benefits extends past our heart health to other areas such as growth and development, brain function and eye function-particularly in the elderly.

Typically fish oils and fish oil concentrates unfortunately contain much less DHA than EPA. CardioTabs has always offered a higher DHA to EPA ratio in their fish oils. In fact the CardioTabs standard Omega 3, burp free, fish oil has a 2.6 to 1 – DHA to EPA ratio. But, what’s more exciting is CardioTabs is now offering us a new product to choose from. It is an Ocean Safe Omega 3 fish oil that has a 10 to 1 – DHA to EPA ratio. This Ocean Safe fish oil not only offers more DHA but it contains 400 iu of Vitamin D3- the vitamin we all seem to be deficient in -and it comes in a citrus berry flavor. If you have heart disease I would recommend 2 of these capsules daily. If you do not have heart disease one capsule should suffice. (You may even chew these fish oils if you like- citrus berry taste.)

So what makes this new product a “green” product? This oil is obtained using safe and sustainable fishing techniques that do not destroy the ocean habitat or deplete the fish stocks. The marine oil is produced from food grade calamari. Calamari has a short life span so they are in plentiful supply and they are naturally high in DHA. CardioTabs fish oil from the Blue Ocean to the Green Economy-protecting our health and the natural habitats of the ocean.

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