Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Are INVITED....

Opening of Our New Center is TODAY

Wow!  A lot has happened in four months.  Thanks to the generosity of Charles Duboc our center has been able to expand and save more lives.  Last October we were able to add a Registered Dietician, Mrs. Glenna Moe, to the team.  Glenna is here to help YOU achieve better nutrition, goal weight and healthy fuel for your on the go body!  Thanks to Saint Luke’s Auxiliary we have a demonstration kitchen where we will be offering Cooking Classes each month.  These will begin in April 2013!  So stay tuned…
Also, in October we began construction on our NEW Cardio Wellness Center.  We have been in construction and design mode for a few months.  The center is now fully constructed and we have moved in!  This space gives us room to grow and help other patients optimize their health and prevent heart disease or stop it’s progression.  The years of completing 2500 patient visits in the one little office have benefited and we are now in a spacious new center.  Thanks to all of you who have taken this journey with us.  It’s because of YOU that we are growing.  The new center is called the Charles and Barbara Duboc Cardio Health and Wellness Center.  Thanks to Charles Duboc for his generosity….he will forever be saving lives with this gift he has given us and it will always be our mission to do so! 
The new center has its own waiting room with soft music playing, a large fish tank, and healthy videos.  It is peaceful and relaxing.  We also have put in plenty of curves throughout the center.  We built it with YOU in mind.   The lab rooms are bigger (and since so many are asking…the posters will be back up!), consultation rooms are designed for consultation, and we have an area for group counseling.  There are 2 full exam rooms with new, state of the art examination tables.  We also have a body fat scanner!  This scan will assess for the fat that is tucked in deep around your organs (visceral fat)….it's the most lethal type of fat.  It is highly active and works against you to achieve ultimate health.  Our body scanner will be up and running beginning in May.  We continue to have a 24 hour Blood Pressure monitor that we utilize on our patients free of charge as needed and with the new monies will be able to purchase a second monitor.   The monitor has helped us achieve blood pressure at goal rate of 91% in our patients. 
One of the best qualities of our clinic is that if you meet certain criteria we will recommend tests that screen for disease (heart disease, disease in your legs, sleep apnea, etc).  Most places will treat your risk factors; but, miss the disease completely.  Once we screen for disease we will treat your risk factors based upon the severity of your disease. 
If you are interested in our new space and would like to come in for a tour, refreshments and free giveaways….stop by today from 2p-6pm for an Open House made for YOU.   Valet Parking is available.
Our address is 4321 Washington Street (Medical Plaza III), Suite 2400,  KCMO  64111
Or call for an appointment at 816-751-8327 and speak with Tammy.