Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cardio Wellness Center Updates

Thanks everyone for your patience with me on the blog site.  I will try to do better at keeping the blog updated with both life and wellness tips. As many of you know, I decided to head back to school to get my doctorate in nursing. I was accepted into Duke’s doctorate of nursing (DNP) program (it’s long distance so I am still living and working in K.C) and have been working and diligently getting through the doctorate program…if all goes well will graduate next year.  With that said, I have learned a lot about our health care in America, our health system,  health economics, affordable care act, health leadership and clinical outcomes.  I will try to start sharing some of this enlightening information in small, fun bits over the next several months. 

What a monumental year this has been for the Cardio Wellness Center!  Not only did we move into   our new space that was renovated for our center; but, we have doubled our staff and our services! Pictures of our new space are posted below.  We are located at 4320 Washington Street, Medical Plaza III, Suite 2400 in Kansas City, Missouri. For those of you coming to see us...when you walk into Medical Plaza III continue to walk straight back and you will run right into us on the main floor.

We recently added Body Composition Assessments to our services. These assessments are completed via a body scanner, which uses a very low dose of x-ray technology, to precisely measure the percent of total body fat AND the amount of visceral fat (lethal fat that is tucked in and around our organs).  Who might benefit from this assessment?  This would benefit those who are working on weight loss, patients completing bariatric surgery, professional athletes, college athletes, thin people who do not eat healthy may have increased amounts of visceral fat, individuals with polycystic ovary disease, individuals with risk for heart disease and many more!  This assessment gives one the knowledge as to how much fat and where the fat is located in the body to determine how dangerous their fat really is.  What’s even more awesome about this assessment….is that is only $50.00 per one assessment or $130 for a package of 3!  This is a great motivator to assist you with your health goals and/or weight loss goals too.  If you are interested in completing a body composition assessment call Tammy at 816-751-8327.

Lastly, our next Healthy Happy Hour will be in October. Looking forward to seeing you all again! We are confirming the date and location with the presenters....this will be another great stay tuned. Will post the information here once we have all the specifics.

Wellness Center Pics