Saturday, March 5, 2011

3 Week Health Challenge

*For those of you in our Weight Loss Competition (WLC) you'll want to participate after you hear the prize money you can win just for being healthy and losing your weight. We'll announce prize monies on Monday, March 7th, 2011.

Rules of the 3 Week Challenge

Eating Habits

1. No simple carbs or sugars for 3 weeks

2. Each meal will have a lean protein and 2 colors (fruits and/or vegetables)

3. One day per week you can have a higher calorie meal (if you want to)

Exercise Routine

1. Complete 30 min of aerobic (cardio) exercise (or what you can work up to) 4 days per week *Even if you start at 2 minutes twice per day it's better than nothing! Increase each week by 2 minutes. So on week 2 you are completing 4 minutes of cardio twice daily.

2. Complete light weight lifting or toning of the arms 2 days per week

3. Complete 2-3 different abdominal exercises 2 days per week

*Encourage each other by posting progress and stumbling blocks on Fridays!

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