Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weight Loss Competition Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of our Weight Loss Competition!

                                    Prize Money                 Name              Percentage Weight Lost
1st place                      $2,239.59                    Deborah                          16.25%
2nd place                        $447.92                    Dana                                15.14%
3rd place                        $298.61                    Meghann                          14.32%

1st place                        $415.41                    Jason                                 16.79%
2nd place                         $83.08                    Ben                                   13.42%
3rd place                         $55.39                    Jim                                     12.28%

There were 147 weight loss contestants who used the motivation of the competition to reach personal  milestones and goals.  We will continue to hold this competition annually each February thru May as we see the difference it makes in lives.  Keep persuing your goals and congratulations to all who participated.