Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease includes a number of problems affecting the heart and blood vessels in the heart. Types of heart disease include coronary artery disease (blockages in the heart arteries), heart failure (problems with the heart not pumping efficiently), or a heart arrhythmia

(changes in the beat of your heart). Coronary artery disease is the most common cause of heart disease. It is a narrowing or blockage of the coronary (heart) arteries. It is the major reason why people have heart attacks.

Check out the video to see how plaque in your heart arteries can lead to a heart attack or sudden death. Many people think it is because it grows slowly over time and eventually it becomes big enough to block enough blood flow to the heart to cause a heart attack or sudden death. We know today plaque will burst to cause that heart attack or sudden death. (See Video)

Heart disease remains the number one killer in both men and women today. But, this doesn’t have to be your fate. Much of heart disease can be prevented or treated with healthy lifestyle choices. That is why it is so important to take action, become aware of risks, minimize them and continually manage them. If you have risks, or have heart disease we encourage you to follow up with your health care provider or through your Cardio Wellness clinic to make sure you have minimized all your risks, stablized your plaque and are on your way to optimal health.

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