Sunday, January 10, 2010

Six Motivational Tips for Exercise

1) Don’t Count the Calories Burned

One of the ways to keep exercising is not counting the calories burned or weight lost. There are more important things transforming in your workout. Such as new found self esteem, stress reduction, increase endorphin levels (Happy Hormone), improving memory and cognition and adding longevity to your life to name a few.

2) Accountability

Hold yourself accountable. Mark an “X” on your calendar every time you exercise. Seeing your motivation (or lack thereof) in black and white helps to keep you focused on your goal.

3) Join a club, exercise class, or exercise with a buddy

Statistics inform us that we are more consistent with exercise when we do it with a buddy. Just knowing someone is waiting for you to exercise; helps you to show up and get it done.

4) Challenge Yourself

Sign up for a local 5K walk/run or bike trip. It will help you stay focused on your exercise goal while accomplishing a new activity. Not only will you benefit from the exercise; but, from your community involvement too.

5) Reward

Put a dollar or two in the jar every time you complete a workout. When you have enough money, treat yourself to a massage, new CD, workout outfit, session with a personal trainer, or new piece of sport/exercise equipment.

6) Mood Motivation

Often people will say it’s my mood that either motivates me to exercise or not. Regardless of your mood prior to exercise—exercise has been known to improve your mood. Work out your aggressions in the gym instead of at home or work.

Let’s ring in the New Year being active and moving our bodies. Cheers to our Health!

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