Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dramatic Cholesterol Results withOUT Presciption Medications

For the past decade I have recommended CardioTabs supplements because they are pure, high quality AND they work. Many patients and providers ask how much change I expect to see in someone’s cholesterol on these products. Here is just one of many examples.

Erik is a good friend of mine who has a worrisome family history of heart disease. Despite his efforts to follow a healthy diet and a regular exercise program, his cholesterol levels run in dangerous ranges, which puts him at high risk for developing heart disease at a young age, like his father did.

Erik is only 36 years old and he has reservations about getting started on potent prescription cholesterol lowering drugs like Lipitor or simvastatin that are typically taken for the remainder of one’s life. He has no heart plaque at this time. So he decided to give CardioTabs supplements a try instead.

Upon my advice he took:
CardioTabs Red Yeast Rice, 4 capsules daily,
CardioTabs CardioSterol, 4 capsules daily,
CardioTabs Omega 3, Extra-strength, 2 capsules per day.

He measured his fasting lipid profile at baseline, prior to starting the supplements and then rechecked the lipid profile after one month on the CardioTabs regimen outlined above. And here’s what happened to his cholesterol levels:

Total cholesterol: 230 to 150
HDL (good cholesterol): 42 to 49
LDL (bad cholesterol): 138 to 76
Triglycerides: 250 to 125

His bad cholesterol fell by about 45% and his good cholesterol rose by 17%. The CardioTabs regimen of safe and effective over-the-counter supplements cut the ratio of total cholesterol/HDL almost in half from a worrisome 5.5 to a very healthy 3.1. These types of dramatic improvements in his cholesterol profile can be expected to help keep Erik’s heart and blood vessels clean and healthy, and the results rival those that would be expected by the most potent of our prescription drug regimens. And Erik is delighted because he feels good about accomplishing these strikingly beneficial changes without having to resort to expensive and sometimes troublesome prescription drugs.

Please note: You should not take Red Yeast Rice AND a prescription statin (Lipitor, simvastatin, etc) together.

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