Wednesday, May 1, 2013

“Healthy” Foods that May NOT Be So Healthy...

...and could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

From Guest Author: Shirley Verbenec, NP
  • Dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, figs, etc)  just 1/3 of a cup has more than 33grams of sugar
  • Juice (orange, pomegranate, grape, apple etc) 1 cup has anywhere from 25-37 grams of sugar
  • Yogurt , if you’re getting anything but plain non-fat greek you could be getting anywhere from 18-30 grams of sugar in as little as ½ cup
  • Honey or agave, these are still simple sugars and can have a negative effect on your blood sugar and fat metabolism
  • Whole grains, these are still a processed food and break down to sugar,  eat them as part of a balanced meal of protein, vegetables and healthy fat. Limit your intake to 1 serving at meal time in order to optimize your health
  • Bananas- remember that these are one of the highest sugar fruits and should be eaten in moderation. One half banana is a serving.  They are so delicious that sometimes people eat several a day which could stall weight loss
  • Granola- just 1/3 cup has as much as 35-40 grams. Think of 1 tablespoon as more of an appropriate serving and in moderation
  • Protein bars-most are loaded with carbs, sugar and fat.  They are not healthy for you. Eat fruit and nuts for energy
*If you want to enjoy the above foods or similar just remember limit to one serving or less a day and part of balanced meals. Juices should be avoided, eating the fruit is much more nutritious and satisfying

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