Sunday, April 1, 2012

Becky's Update

Hi All.  Apologize for taking time away from the blog the last couple of months. 

At the Cardio Wellness Center were I work we are expanding and have hired new employees to the team.  Tammy Gazzano, is our scheduler and is great with making sure all your needs are met when making appointments for both Shirley Verbenec, NP and myself... as well as keeps track of our yearly data.  (Did you know last year we completed over 2500 patient visits.  82% of those visits were we patients with known heart disease and less than 1% of those visits had a heart event!)  Vicki Carson is our Coordinator and she is in charge of keeping the clinic running smoothly and coordinating all our programs.  Shirley Verbenec is another Nurse Practitioner who specializes in preventive cardiology and weight loss. She will begin seeing patients tomorrow! Our technician many of you already know, Valencia Lewis is still at the Cardio Wellness Center drawing your blood and taking vital signs and measurements (she has been nominated for Employee of the Quarter by the way) and Judy Donnelly is the Cardio Wellness Nurse...she has been helping our patients for over a decade now.   Feel free to get to know each team member at your next visit.

January 26th, 2012 we held our first Cardio Wellness Community Forum.  We had an unbelieveable turn out with over 150 people from our community attending.  Thanks to all of you who came out to help make this a success.  Great job to Vicki in working her first program with the Cardio Wellness Center.  We will have these quarterly with our next one scheduled for April 26th, 2012 at Saint Luke's Northland Medical Park, Conference Center.  More information will be posted soon.  RSVP to Vicki at 816-751-8388. 

And in February our annual weight loss competition began.  We have the highest turn out ever for participants in the weight loss competiton...we doubled last years registration!  This years 1st place prize for the female winner is just over $3900.  Good luck to all our participants. 

In February this year for Heart Month the Cardio Wellness Center partnered with all the Kansas City Metro area HyVees for "Cooking With Cardio Wellness" ...we had 130 people come out to one of these events.  It was fun celebrating heart month with YOU.

So even though I have been away from the mind has still be on giving back and helping others live a optimal life. 

I have had several questions in regards to people wanting information on fish oils, weight loss and healthy snack in the next few weeks...I will be posting on these topics.  If there is a topic your prefer send your ideas my way and I'll see what I can do.


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