Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stress and/or Binge Eating

Perhaps you don’t even know you are stress/binge eating until you have finished or are well into the moment. Here are some tips to assist you in stopping Stress/Binge eating.

  • Have fewer “treats” around the house/kitchen
  • Bake less
  • Wait 15-20 min to eat – drink a cup of water-the urge may pass
  • If something’s bothering you exercise first
  • Keep a journal of what you eat and drink everyday
  • Don’t bring any junk food into the home
  • Sit down to eat

When you do Over Eat…

  • Find healthy choices to have available in the future
  • Do not buy more of the culprit binge item so it is not available to you during the next weak moment.
  • Please take me for a walk. Don't binge eat again.
  • Ask yourself why did this happen? What can I change?
  • Don’t dwell on it. Move on. It’s done. It’s not about where you have been; but, about where you are going.
  • Exercise more and eat a little less the next day.
  • Change your routine to avoid this in the future.
  • Engage in a new activity or hobby. You will eat less when your mind is on a new hobby.

Each day set a nutrtional goal and a physical activity goal. We all must have a goal before we can accomplish it. Stay Healthy.

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